Landscape Project Design  

C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is also a landscape design firm with offices in New York, Dubai and São Paulo. C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S makes the best landscaping choices with the most extensive resources available in all areas of landscape design.

Let us know if you need a landscape consultation with our landscape designer for your landscape project design.

C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S landscape design services also include project management, irrigations, lighting design, decks, fencing, patios, arbors, gazebos, fountains and swimming pools.

C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is dedicated to balancing the environmental challenges within communities and cities. Both planning and design is always site specific, taking into consideration the essential elements of historical context, natural surroundings and the environment.

C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S gives special attention to climate, soil type, drainage, vegetation and sunlight. Added to these basic natural factors, is the art of creative landscape design.

We can similarity help you create landscape design for the following areas:
Hospitality Residential Playgrounds Land development
Commercial Waterfront projects
Malls and shopping centers Ecological planning and design
Industrial Park and recreation City planning
 Landscape restoration