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Chacur Design & Interiors has completed several interior design projects for Columbia University. These projects involved redesign and furnishing of lobbies and public areas in buildings of very different ages and styles. In successfully completing these projects Mr. Chacur demonstrate an ability to work in different historic periods and styles as well a fully modern sensibility. I was personally involves in some of the projects and found his approach to be extremely collaborative with a real sensitivity to his client’s needs and wishes.

I believe that his international background and wide range of design interests make him extremely well suited to serve the needs of clients.>

Bill Scott
Institutional Real Estate Columbia University

My name is Denis R. Dambreville and I am the Project Director of Hermes of Paris in New York.  I am writing this letter to inform you that Chacur Inc. executed the architectural and design project of our administrative offices and showroom in the New York headquarters.  The outcome of the project surpassed our expectations and we were extremely pleased with the final results.

I highly recommend Mr. Chacur because of his excellent sense of spatial planning and his ability to anticipate our needs.

Denis R. Dambreville
Project Director Hermes of Paris New York

 The physical distribution of the project, finishing, materials, furniture and accessories, as well as the external area, make for a complementary and pleasurable space.

The final result was great, with its blending of shapes, color and style which contributes to the well being of employees and visitors alike, helping them to feel more comfortable, combined with the established classic style of the project, which conveys a sense of security.

The project was completed with great sense of style and efficiency I would highly recommend Mr. Chacur of Chacur Design & Interiors for any project.

Escalena E-Commerce


 Mr. Julio Chacur and his company, Chacur Design & Interiors, design a 4,000 sq. ft. house for me in Southampton, including a pool house, tennis court, and the landscaping.

I would like to recommend him highly. I can scarcely imagine any project e with more efficiency – or excellence.

Barry Alexander
President Alexander & Associates

Chacur Design & Interiors established a great an Interior Design project, added practically and professionalism to the project that exceed our expectations, I hole them in the highest regard, and recommend them without excitation.

Louis  Philippe  Strasbourg d'Orléans


The project finished by Julio Chacur possesses extreme refinement, harmony and equilibrium.  He completed an excellent project, which really highlighted his international style.  It is truly one of the most sophisticated projects I have known.

Besides completing the project, he also accompanied the construction work to verify that the development of the project was faithful to the project design.

Germane Laug Bouchard


I am writing to recommend Mr. Julio Chacur and his company Chacur Inc. for Architectural and Interior Design projects.

Mr. Chacur is currently working on an interior design project in our office.  I have personally been involved in the project and can attest to the fact that Mr. Chacur has been instrumental in helping us to define our wishes and needs by translating them into a viable functional design.  It has been a pleasure to work with him due his flexibility and ability to always come up with creative solutions.

Julio Chacur has the talent, skill and wide-ranging design background that will indeed make him of great asset in any design project.     

Jean Claude De Monaco


I was both pleased with the beautiful and creative results of his imaginative designs, as well as Mr. Chacur’s ability to deliver on time and stay within the projected budget.  Mr. Chacur was a delight to work due to his energetic spirit and his ability to always offer creative and surprising solutions.  Having lived in Europe and Brazil, has given him an amazing ability to combine a sophisticated and modern vernacular, with traditional and classical elements.

Julio Chacur has the skill, talent and experience which will indeed be of great project design.

David E. Sutton


I contracted Chacur Design & Interiors to do the Interior Design for my apartment in Manhattan.  I was delighted at the final result of the fantastic project Mr. Chacur was able to create. He has the ability to combine concepts, styles and colors with harmony and elegance, influenced by his international background.

Stephen Matseoane MD.


With his exquisite sense of style and color, his gentle manner and keen diplomatic skills, Mr. Chacur was able to guide me toward the right choices in everything. He figured out how best to lay out the space, and which colors and details, from tile to trim, would make the apartment seem spacious and elegant, yet also cozy. His counsel on what furniture to keep and what to buy was perfect, and indeed, opened my eyes to a new, more modern look that still accommodated some antiques I already had.

Working with Chacur Design & Interiors, I thoroughly enjoyed each stage of this project. The result is a very special apartment hat expresses who I am in ways I could not have imagined.

Bettina Edelstein


Mr. Chacur knows how to combine concepts, styles and colors which give elegance to the project.

The project was completed with great sense of style and efficiency I would highly recommend Mr. Chacur of Chacur Design & Interiors for any project.

Barbara Krieger


Mr. Chacur made an excellent choice in terms of furniture and accessories that respects the purpose of the decoration which ended up being extremely elegant and attractive.  The colors, lighting and furniture are presented in a very harmonious within the style that we had established.

I recommend Mr. Chacur for his knowledge, good taste, and for having kept an eye on the details of the project requirements so as to make the final result a success.

Julio Ribeiro de Almeida


I would like to inform you that the company Chacur Design & Interiors through the architect Julio Chacur completed two projects for me:

The result of the projects are of extremely good taste, refinement, elegance and class, which only Chacur with his sensitivity and know-how was able to create. 

Julio Chacur understood my wishes in both projects, adding to them his knowledge, experience and most importantly, his good taste. 

I recommend Mr. Chacur for projects of all sizes, for his creativity, ability in his designs, as well as for his selection of materials, attention to detail to the finishing touches, colors and in addition the furniture and accessory selection. 

I have known Mr. Chacur for more than 30 years and have followed his professional development, this being the reason for which I selected him to do the above-mentioned projects.

Luiz Otavio Mesquita Sampaio


I am very satisfied with the concepts and the level of detail with which Mr. Chacur completed both projects.

Julio Chacur’s professionalism around the design of his projects, as well as his accompanying their completion, was excellent. I recommend Mr. Chacur for any type of project due to his eclectic interpretation of concept, style and form, as well his knowledge and experience in the area of architecture.

Karl Heinz Schraml